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The business case for Parramatta

If tiger economies are characterised by rapid economic growth and an associated rise in the standard of living, then Parramatta is well on its way to joining this elite club. Fast becoming the engine room of the NSW economy, current projections show there’s no sign of a slowdown in its growth over the coming decades.

It is moving out of the shadow of its eastern neighbour, the Sydney CBD, to own its place as the future of Sydney. For businesses claiming their space now, there’s an opportunity to attract the best of a ready talent pool and contribute long-term to shaping the civic heart of the city.

Chambers of Commerce can provide valuable insight and advice to businesses seeking to enter the local business community or grow their existing operations. They offer opportunities to network with other business community members, develop strategic alliances with local government, participate in community-led projects and charities and support businesses and their employees with a range of business tools, seminars and advisory services. More information can be found at the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce.

Talent Magnet

Entrepreneurs and businesses around the world are increasingly competing for talent that’s educated, skilled in specialised areas and globally minded. Parramatta’s multicultural population, burgeoning social scene and greater transport options has the right ingredients to help a business succeed.  

Local and international business groups in Parramatta have already capitalised on the diverse global perspectives within the local market, as well as migrant links to establish or strengthen their presence in overseas markets.

Employers of different business sizes know that potential employees prioritise factors other than pay when they consider a role. In fact, distance to work, transfers in transport, social life and amenities are all considerations. With its growing job market, burgeoning social scene and greater transport options make Parramatta very popular with both businesses and employees.

The Asian Century

Parramatta is well-positioned for the force and magnitude of trade with Asia.

Our culturally diverse population connects business in home countries to the local market through import and export. Specifically, Parramatta serves as an obvious gateway to the powerhouse economies of India and China. Australian exports to India are on the rise, India is now Australia’s 4th biggest export market underlining the importance of India as a major export and investment destination for Australia. China is Australia's largest two-way trading partner in goods and services. It is Australia's largest source of overseas students and the country’s highest spending inbound tourism market. 

With a significant population in both, Parramatta represents a potential economic opportunity and key comparative advantages for those choosing to do business with our Asian neighbours.


Immigrant Workforce

With its rich and cosmopolitan community, Parramatta is the poster child for diversity. The City is unique in the number of countries and languages represented in the CBD and surrounding neighbourhoods – there are 140 different languages spoken among its residents. Further, 45% of Parramatta’s residential population was born overseas and provide a valuable conduit between their countries of residence and birthplace. 

Languages Spoken Here

Parramatta is home to a vibrant home to diverse communities. Languages spoken at home is a great indicator of the City’s multicultural population. The recent Census reinforced Parramatta’s economic importance with two key trading partners – China and India. Compared to the Australia population, Parramatta is home to a higher proportion of residents who do not speak English at home.

University City

Parramatta has Australia’s largest international student community, with one in four students from overseas. The City is home to Western Sydney University, ranked in the top 20 universities in Australia, the University of New England’s Future Campus and Charles Sturt University along with a myriad of vocational institutes to choose from. Plus, Sydney University offers an innovative and versatile learning environment for staff and students at its campus in the Westmead Health precinct.

People Power

Over the past 10 years Parramatta’s residential population has grown at 2.5% per annum, compared to 1.2% for NSW. In real terms, there are approximately 4,100 new residents added to the city each year.

Recent Census data shows that Western Sydney, with Parramatta at its core, is a similar size in population to Chicago and Amsterdam. Between 2006 and 2011, Western Sydney’s population grew by 7.5% to 2.2 million compared with the rest of NSW at 5.6%.

The Perfect Working Demographic

Parramatta’s residential population is highly educated and young. A greater proportion of the population has received a bachelor or higher degree than across Greater Sydney. Census data indicates there are 29% more people aged between 25-34 in Parramatta than for Greater Sydney. 

While Australia has an aging population, Western Sydney is bucking the trend with more than two-thirds of the population aged between 15 and 62 and more than one in two people under the age of 35. As the nation grows into retirement, Parramatta is ramping up for future growth.