Inspired by its resounding success at Parramatta Lanes festival, Butter launched its flagship store right here in Parramatta. Butter has brought to life innovation and creativity to an energetic and culturally diverse food scene.

Why Parramatta?

Live local, Invest Local

Parramatta offers the perfect mix for small business success.

A combination of steady population growth, a thriving CBD and $20 billion in investments in developments and infrastructure are creating the ideal economic conditions for small businesses to start, grow and thrive in Parramatta.

Avoid the congestion and expense of a Sydney CBD commute and invest close to home, allowing more time for family and friends and doing the things you love. 

More than 20,000 small businesses in the Greater Parramatta region across a range of industries are flourishing in the retail and hospitality sectors, and health and administrative services. 

More People, More Development, More Opportunities

A surge in social infrastructure has created an idealistic trading environment for Parramatta's small business economy.

A new sport and major events stadium, the refurbishment of Riverside Theatres and the evolving development of the Parramatta CBD are all driving visitors to the area and encouraging residents and workers to spend their leisure time and dollars in Parramatta. 

The relocation of the Powerhouse Precinct with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences to the Parramatta River foreshore will drive more than a million extra visitors to Parramatta each year. 

There are 7 universities with campuses in the City of Parramatta. Western Sydney University and the University of New England (UNE) are building new campuses in Westmead, driving demand for retail and other local services.  

The Parramatta Square and other CBD commercial developments will become the corporate home to tens of thousands of extra workers, opening a range of opportunities for small business. From cafes to hairdressers and accountants to osteopaths, the demand for local services close to home or work is abundant. 

Flourishing Local Economies

As the CBD grows, its architecture, residents, workers, students and visitors become more immersed in a cosmopolitan city that is rich in diversity and history.


The City of Parramatta’s retail trade sector is worth $1.3 billion. It employed 10,560 workers in 2017–18. Parramatta is already a major retail destination with more than 200,000 square metres in retail floor space.


The accommodation and tourism sector in the City of Parramatta is thriving. Demand for accommodation is increasing annually. Since 2011, overnight stays have almost doubled to more than 5 million in 2017-18.

The Smarter Investment

Lower commercial rents in Parramatta compared to the Sydney CBD means lower overheads and more money to invest in your business.

The talent pool in Parramatta is becoming increasingly professional with 60% of the resident population engaged in managerial, administrative or other professional services.

And with the infrastructure and transport projects happening, soon half of Greater Sydney’s population will be within an easy 30-minute commute of the Parramatta CBD. 


Find the support you need to launch and run your business in Parramatta​.

A wait staff person delivers coffee to two restaurant patrons and engages in informal conversation


The Small Business Programs and workshops offer key learning opportunities and advice to those wishing to start or grow their small business in Parramatta.

Image of commuters moving through Parramatta Train Station. A blur effect has been applied to the image to add a hurried appearance to the commuters.


The Easy To Do Business Program aims to make it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to start and grow their small business in Parramatta. 

Image of two escalators leading into and out of the Parramatta Train station. Commuters are pictured on the left escalator and a speed blur effect has been added to make it look as though people are moving quickly to their jobs.


City of Parramatta operates paid ticket parking that helps visitors to find parking spaces and encourage greater patronage of local businesses



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